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When the prohibition was revoked and people could drink and gamble freely, my mother took her roulette wheel to Nevada, where investors were developing a small area call Las Vegas. Many people told her that she had no business there, and that taking her children to such a remote and arid place was nothing short of child abuse. But she said that Nevada was where she would find happiness and wealth. It turned out that my mother was right. The Gold rush of California could not better describe what was happening in Las Vegas at the time. In a short time what was once an arid desert was a glittering vista of hotels and casino s and all sorts of entertainment venues.

At first my mother started small, and she opened a modest casino. However, its popularity grew, since people knew that they could trust my mother and that she would not cheat them, Her onlinecasino Roulette wheel, of course, was the main attraction. People marveled at its beauty, its elegance and the fine table upon which it stood.