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Roulette Inside Bets: Win in a Spin

Roulette lay-outs consist of an inside betting area and an outside betting area. Bets placed on the inside area, naturally, are called as roulette inside bets, and bets on the outside betting area, outside bets.

The individual numbers of a layout are contained in the inside area. These numbers are arranged to make 3 columns and 12 rows.

Payoffs for winning roulette inside bets are usually higher than for outside bets. The highest payoff on roulette inside bets is 35: 1. For this reason, maximum bets allowed for roulette inside bets are usually lower than those allowed for outside bets.

Further, a player can divide the minimum among different numbers when making an inside bet. For instance, if a player wishes to bet on 5 different numbers with a $10 minimum, one may place $2 chips on those chosen numbers. Or if a player wishes to bet on 10 different numbers, one may place $1 chip on each. What matters is that all the player's roulette inside bets must make a total equal to the allowed minimum.

Betting spaces for roulette inside bets are much smaller. Each space can only hold the dimension of a chip. For this reason, one may find a stack of colored chips on the inside betting area. Different color means different owner or bettor. Each roulette player is given one's own color coded chip different from anyone else's. The colored chips act as a kind of a player's betting ID.

A player can make several roulette inside bets. A player can bet on a single number or make multiple bets at the same time.

A player may bet on a single number. Payoff of this kind of wager is extremely high at 35:1. This kind of wager is known as Straight Up bet.

If the player wishes to bet on two numbers, the chip must be placed to span the line between any two individual numbers. This type of bet is called Split bet. Payoff is 17:1.

To make a three-number bet, the chip must lie on the vertical line that separates the inside area from the outside area. Known as Street bet, this pays 11:1.

For four-number bets known as quad or corner bet paying 8:1, place the chip where a vertical line crosses with a horizontal line.

Considered as the worst bet, basket bet is a five-number bet. This is a bet on 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 numbers. This type of bet can only be done on American roulette because there is no 00 on European roulette. This pays 6:1.

Double street is done by placing the chip on the vertical line that separates the outside and inside betting areas, but the chip must also touch the horizontal line that separates any two rows. This wager pays 5:1.

To make roulette inside bets, the player may choose any of the various betting options above. Roulette inside bets are bets on individual numbers found on the inside betting area of roulette layouts. Payoffs for roulette inside bets are higher than for outside bets. One may even win as much as 35:1.